PANTONE Lighting Indicator Stickers D50 (5000 K)

Proper lighting is critical to ensuring color accuracy. Our D50 Lighting Indicator Stickers are an easy to use tool with two color patches that match when lighting condition are ideal and mismatch when lighting is poor. Easily attach D50 stickers to any design and production files to ensure color accuracy for printing and packaging applications.



  • D50 (5000k daylight) is best for evaluating printed products
  • Sheet of 40 stickers, with two light-sensitive patches on each sticker
  • Peel-off adhesive backing for attaching to any surface


  • Two different light-sensitive patches react to the lighting in your environment
  • If the light is not in the proper range, the patches will appear different in color – the worse the light, the more drastic the contrast in patch colors
  • Attach stickers to design and production files to ensure you and your teams make accurate color decisions


  • Use for design and production files of printing and packaging applications
  • Tell at a glance if your ambient lighting conditions are acceptable for evaluating color
  • Share easily with the rest of your supply chain and business partners

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