Ralight Color Viewing Light Booth [D50, D65, TL84, A, UV, UV SUN]

Light source customizable 

used in color comparison applications for product design, packaging, Textile, clothes, leather, accessories, cosmetics, fashion Printing and more. for help you evaluate and communicate color with absolute confidence

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Ralight Color Viewing light Booth 6 Functions

All Color Viewing light booth include 6 light sources According to ISO 3664

  • D50/20W (2 lamps) LiftTime 5,000 Hrs. Asia daylight zone, Which is Standard Light for used in color comparison applications of paints, graphic design, photograph.
  • D65/18W  (2 lamps) LiftTime 5,000 Hrs. Europe and America daylight zone, Which is Standard Light for used in color comparison applications for fabric, cloth, jewelry.
  • TL84/18W (2 lamps)  LiftTime 3,000 Hrs. Standard Light used in supermarket, make products look great.
  • A/35W   (4 lamps)  LiftTime 2,000 Hrs. Use for light of shelves, make products look outstanding.
  • UV/18W  (1 lamp)  LiftTime 3,000 Hrs. Use for Counterfeit Bill Detectors, Stamps, Credit Card, Stickers etc.
  • UV SUN/18W  (1 lamp)  LiftTime 3,000 Hrs. Open it with D65 or D50 Light for increase light’s performance to nearby nature light source (Sun light).


  • Dimension  W 66   x  H 50  x L 53 cm. (2 sheets of Super A3  or 1 sheet of A2 and Height not over 30 cm.)
  • Light regularly and Eyes care.
  • Brightness Value of the light inside the Booth Not less than 1,500 lux (± 10%)
  • Special Aluminum structure from Germany, Strong, Durable, Chemical resistance, Beauty and not flammable.
  • The Booth color is sprayed with 2K color system And According to ISO 3664.
  • Interior system controlled by a microprocessor, save power and Improve performance of the Lamp.
  • Digital Display Showing life time of all lamps and notice when life end.

Warranty and Service

  • if Lamp Not working,  We change new Lamp Within 15 days
  • Problem with system, We send Technician to fix it Within 15 Days
  • In Case problem with circuits system, We will change new circuits Within 15 Days
  • Warranty and after sale service 2 Years* or  5,000 Hrs. whichever comes first

*Terms & Conditions as specified by the company

The Color Viewing Light Booth is the copyright of the company, Product Search & Supply Co., Ltd.Do not imitate anyone.

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