Ralight Color Viewing Station 2 (D65)

Ralight Color Viewing Station Model 2 D65 Light Source, Use in color comparison for printing, Photograph, for accuracy and consistency help you evaluate and communicate color with absolute confidence, Guarantee with Certificate from Public institutions

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Dimension :  W 68  x  L 96  x  H 193  cm.


  1. D65 Light source Complies with the standards for color printing. (ISO 3664) provides consistent lighting. It does not reflect the eyes.
  2. Digital Display Showing life time of all lamps and notice when life end.
  3. The structure is made of special aluminum material from Germany. Strong, Durable and beautiful
  4. Table top Complies with the standards for color printing. (Can not be plane)
  5. 2 drawers, A couple of drawers for versatile storage 1 row. Single drawer for storing prints in 1 row.
  6. There are device to hold image on the table wall
  7. There are castors for easy movement. The wheel has a lock button when placed in place.

Service & Warranty

  • We change new Lamp Within 15 days If Lamp Not working, Waste bulb
  • Any Problem, We send Technician to fix it Within 15 Days
  • In Case problem with circuits system, We will change new circuits Within 15 Days
  • After-sales service And 2 year Warranty* Or 5000 Hrs, whichever comes first

*Terms & Conditions as specified by the company

The Color Viewing Light Booth is the copyright of the company, Product Search & Supply Co., Ltd.


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