Ralight Color Viewing Station 2 (D65)

Ralight Color Viewing Station Model 2 D65 Light Source, Use in color comparison for printing, Photograph, for accuracy and consistency help you evaluate and communicate color with absolute confidence, Guarantee with Certificate from Public institutions

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Guarantee with Certificate from Public institutions

Dimension : W 68 x L 96  x H 193 cm.


  • D65 Light source Complies with the standards for color printing. (ISO 3664) provides consistent lighting. It does not reflect the eyes.
  • Interior system controlled by a microprocessor, save power and Improve performance of the Lamp.
  • Digital Display Showing life time of all lamps and notice when life end.
  • The structure is made of special aluminum material from Germany. Strong, Durable and beautiful
  • have Side cover
  • 3 drawers
    • A couple of drawers for versatile storage 1 row.
    • Single drawer for storing prints in 2 row.
  • There are device to hold image on the table wall
  • There are castors for easy movement. The wheel has a lock button when placed in place.

Warranty and Service

  • If Lamp Not working, Waste bulb, We change new Lamp Within 15 days
  • Any Problem, We send Technician to fix it Within 15 Days
  • In Case problem with circuits system, We will change new circuits Within 15 Days
  • After-sales service And 2 year Warranty*  Or 5000 Hrs, whichever comes first

*Terms & Conditions as specified by the company

The Color Viewing Light Booth is the copyright of the company, Product Search & Supply Co., Ltd.Do not imitate anyone.


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